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FX-7500G emulator

The program works on PC-compatible machines with Microsoft Windows operating system.

Files to download

Program version 05, updated 2014/03/02 - Delphi sources, file size: 68kB - compiled executable, file size: 222kB
Usage: extract the files into an empty directory, then run the program fx7500g.exe - a set of files converting the FX-7500G emulator into an FC-1000 one, size: 26kB
Usage: Replace the files face.bmp, rom1.bin, keymap.dat in the directory where the program was installed.

The screenshots

Screenshot of the FX-7500G emulator

The debug window of the FX-7500G emulator

Usage hints

Integrated debugger

Disassembly box

Hex Editor box

Registers box

Main register file box

Program execution control

The fx7500g.ini file

Some parameters of the emulator can be customised by editing the fx7500g.ini file with any text editor.
Description of the contents of this file:

This setting specifies the emulated CPU clock frequency in kHz.
The value specifies the time in ca. 30-60ms units the TEST pads on the PCB are connected after starting the application. Value of 0 should be used for normal operation. Value of 20 is recommended for performing the self-test diagnostic routine.


To uninstall the emulator, simply delete the directory where it was installed. The program doesn't modify anything outside its installation directory.